Dog Photography Blog & News 2016 - Matlock Derbyshire - Rebecca Goutorbe

Dog Photographer Blog & News 2016

Award Winning Gundog Portraits

21st October

Three Bronze Bars this month in the monthly Guild Of Photographers competition. The black Labrador image is Archie taken at the Bettie Town Glen Prosen Challenge I was the photographer for in August. Then two more with Misty the working English Setter.

By Rebecca Goutorbe

Front Cover Shot


Another one of my images from The Bettie Town Glen Prosen Challenge on a front cover. This Billy Connolly's English Setter, Field Trial Champion Ballyellen Cara.

By Rebecca Goutorbe

Working English Setter Front Cover Shot


I've got another one of my images on a front cover. This is "Blue" the English Setter owned by Meryl Asbury. The image was taken at The Bettie Town Glen Prosen Challenge in August.

By Rebecca Goutorbe

Working Setter Portrait Award

21st August

A Bronze Bar again this month with The Guild Of Photographers in their monthly competition Misty the working English Setter.  A lovely portrait of her, taken again on location on the North Yorkshire moors.

By Rebecca Goutorbe

Setter & Pointer Event

13th August

I was invited to photograph an event, The Bettie Town Glen Prosen Challenge by The English Setter Club. This was a special team event in memory of the English Setter Club's late President , Mrs Bettie Town, celebrating the sport of shooting over Setters and Pointers. A shooting trial with teams of English Setters V Irish Setters V Gordon Setters V English Pointers.

The day was a great success the weather was fantastic the views spectacular all the dogs worked well, and the English Setter team won. 

Gundog Photography Award

21st July By Rebecca Goutorbe

Last month I joined The Guild of Photographers as well as being a helpful organisation for photographers they run a monthly photo competition called "Image Of The month".

The idea is that you enter three images into one of the four categories and if you get an award with any images you entered you get points which go towards the title "Photographer of The Year" within the Guild.

I thought I would have a go at the competition so I entered three images last month and OMG!! I got a Bronze Bar with Misty the working English Setter. This image was taken on a grouse moor in North Yorkshire whilst out with the Setters doing their Gundog work. 

The Kennel Club Gundog Working Tests & Events Held At Chatsworth


8th - 12th June

My first time as a photographer for the Kennel Club, and what a great experience it was. The first day Wednesday the 8th was the Gundog training day, I was photographing everything from retrieves to water tests. The next two days Thursday and Friday was the International Retriever Team Event. The Saturday morning my job was the Novice Spaniel test then in the afternoon the HPR water test. Sunday I got the Spaniel Open test which is a big test and lasted all day.

I had a fantastic time over the five days and was in a privileged place being able to see all the other gundog breeds work including Labradors, Spaniels and HPR's along side the Judges.

  • EZ1A1011
  • EZ1A0202
  • EZ1A0922
  • EZ1A0600
  • EZ1A4523
  • EZ1A1671
  • EZ1A1523-2
  • EZ1A6046-2
  • EZ1A5535
  • EZ1A4627
  • EZ1A4607
  • EZ1A1867-2
  • EZ1A5901
  • EZ1A2688
  • EZ1A2547-2
  • EZ1A5747

The Spaniel Open Water Test

All the photo's from the 5 days at Chatsworth are still available to view or purchase but have been put in to archive, please get in touch for more information. Thank you 

Working English Setter Front Cover Shot


I've got one of my images on the front cover of a magazine, it arrived today! This is Field Trial Champion Gibeltarik Troy At Upperwood "Troy" a working English Setter, this image was taken whilst out with the Setters and Dom Goutorbe grouse counting in the Peak District.

By Rebecca Goutorbe

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